Have you ever been moving home, open the drawer and find dozens of things you   don´t know what to do with? The souvenir that your work partner brought you from Egypt. The plastic necklaces from the carnival where you had a great time. The cheap Christmas ornament. The bracelet you love but don´t use because it´s uncomfortable. The expensive sun glasses that now you´re going to fix… This is what I considere TRINKETS, and it´s what I transform into art. 

All of my creations include upcycled, reused or repurposed things. I make unique pieces. It's almost impossible to make two identical ones. 


I love trinkets and have been collecting them since childhood. I find them everywhere: on the streets, in my friends drawers... If I go to the beach I return home with a bag of caps found in the sand. From Burning Man I brought back to my studio in Mexico City like 50 pounds of souvenirs, screws and whippets that I found all over the desert... Even though I have millions of this kind of things, I can´t resist the temptation of getting more. For example, once in the market of Santa Cruz Meyehualco, in Iztapalapa (Mexico), I found a stand that sold brand new promotional items from a pharmaceutical company, brand new, and I could´t let go that opportunity. 

I love markets of new or used things. Whenever a trinket arrives to my studio I disinfect it, classify it and save it, sometimes for decades. When I have enough of a theme, I arrange and paste them in creative manners, telling a story... maybe of contemporary history. Because this objects define us. 

Head Pieces