A life time



I've always had a weaknes for trinkets. As a girl, every day I went back home with a series of useless found objects, like plastic dolls, expired credit cards, broken necklaces, pens without ink, souvenirs... At the age of sixteen I had accumulated so much stuff that my mother wanted to put it where it belonged: in the trash. To prevent this, I pasted my treasures on the frame of my mirror. My friends saw my creation and asked me to decorate a box or something for them, which I exchanged for half pound of Smurfs, the letters of their Scrabble or whatever came out of their grandmother's drawers. 


Since then I've been exploring more complex compositions and new materials. Learning about trash. Observing the consumption habits of different cultures. Gathering more and more trinkets. I have a collection of millions of little things. Literally… So one thing led to the other and I ended up participating as an artist for Green Peace, Earth X, the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, Burning Man, private collections and even making costumes for showmen... always with repurposed objects. 



I come from a family of ecologists. My parents, Rosa Friscione and Orlando de la Rosa, built a reservation in Veracuz, Mexico to give shelter to animals and plants in danger of extinction. My uncle Alberto Friscione is an internationally recognized environmentalist. I've organized massive reforestation projects in Mexico City and actively participate in sustainability events.

I´m a vegetarian, practice meditation, yoga, martial arts and have lived in communes dedicated to meditation in India. 


I studied Mass Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City. I specialized in Literature. I spent many years writing, especially scripts. I worked in television, publishing houses, advertising agencies and production houses as a writer and director. In my blog I share some things that I published and filmed. This allowed me to work remotely and travel a lot! I´ve traveled the world, always with a fascination for the markets. Buying, gathering and analyzing trinkets from the most remote places. It was my hobby. 


My professional life took a turn in 2017 when I first went to Burning Man. This is a social experiment that takes place once a year in the Nevada desert. We, the participants -around 70 thousand people- build a city that only lasts a week. When we leave, we take it apart leaving no trace. I am deeply connected with it because it is a very conscious community about garbage, art and personal development. I went back home with more than 50 pounds of found objects, which I use for my creations. Since then I´m mostly dedicated to art.

For more than a decade I´ve worked with Institutions like Green Peace, Earth X and Ministry of Culture in Mexico. Always in sustainability, or ecological projects. My art is made with repurposed and found objects. One part of the profit will be destined to clean the trash in the rivers of Veracruz, Mexico.