I create two kind of items: the cool ones, and the very fine and powerful pieces of wearable art, like this top hat that works more as a crown. It was made for a rock star, you can see his initials "L.L". Each of the objects has a meaning, and was put in order to tell a story and create certain energy.  The central piece is a music machine surrounded by feathers, as he likes. It has an image of Krishna, the god to whom he entrusts himself. (This image was given to me in a temple in India). It has speakers cables, little instruments. On the back it has a mask, light, and is all souroinded with reflective tape, ideal for a stage. I can´t make two identical pieces, specially of this kind, but if you want me to create somethig as powerful and beautiful as this one, we can work on it. 

Steam Punk top hat COSTUME MADE

SKU: 0002